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Table 2 Most significant 25 genes that show higher mutation rates in late-stage-enriched cluster (cluster 3)

From: Classification of breast cancer patients using somatic mutation profiles and machine learning approaches

Gene symbol p value FDR value
TTN 0 0
MACF1 0 0
FSIP2 0 0
DNAH9 0 0
DST 0 0
KIAA1731 0 0
DSP 0 0
VPS13D 4.44E-16 4.74E-14
UBR4 1.55E-15 1.47E-13
C10ORF18 1.89E-15 1.61E-13
SYNE1 2.55E-15 1.98E-13
HERC1 5.44E-15 3.87E-13
CSMD1 2.35E-14 1.55E-12
CHD9 2.93E-14 1.79E-12
KIAA1109 3.26E-14 1.86E-12
XIRP2 4.04E-14 2.16E-12
APC 8.06E-14 4.05E-12
GPR98 1.23E-13 5.86E-12
DOCK9 4.62E-13 2.07E-11
VCAN 5.78E-13 2.47E-11
SYNE2 7.90E-13 3.21E-11
RIF1 1.06E-12 4.10E-11
NOTCH2 1.40E-12 5.21E-11
WDFY4 1.70E-12 6.05E-11
MLL 2.28E-12 7.79E-11