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Table 1 Definitions of Boolean functions for the wild-type mammalian cell-cycle BN with 10 genes

From: Intrinsically Bayesian robust classifier for single-cell gene expression trajectories in gene regulatory networks

Order Gene Regulating function
x 1 CycD f1= Extracellular signals
x 2 Rb \(f_{2}=(\overline {CycD} \wedge \overline {CycE} \wedge \overline { CycA} \wedge \overline {CycB}) \vee (p27 \wedge \overline {CycD} \wedge \overline {CycB})\)
x 3 p27 \(f_{3}=(\overline {CycD} \wedge \overline {CycE} \wedge \overline {CycA} \wedge \overline {CycB}) \vee (p27 \wedge \overline {(CycE \wedge CycA)} \wedge \overline {CycD} \wedge \overline {CycB})\)
x 4 E2F \(f_{4}=(\overline {Rb} \wedge \overline {CycA} \wedge \overline { CycB}) \vee (p27 \wedge \overline {Rb} \wedge \overline {CycB})\)
x 5 CycE \(f_{5}=(E2F \wedge \overline {Rb})\)
x 6 CycA \(f_{6}=(E2F \wedge \overline {Rb} \wedge \overline {Cdc20} \wedge \overline {(Cdh1 \wedge UbcH10)}) \vee (CycA \wedge \overline {Rb} \wedge \overline {Cdc20} \wedge \overline {(Cdh1 \wedge UbcH10)})\)
x 7 Cdc20 f7=CycB
x 8 Cdh1 \(f_{8}=(\overline {CycA} \wedge \overline {CycB}) \vee Cdc20 \vee (p27 \wedge \overline {CycB})\)
x 9 UbcH10 \(f_{9}=\overline {Cdh1} \vee (Cdh1 \wedge UbcH10 \wedge (Cdc20 \vee CycA \vee CycB))\)
x 10 CycB \(f_{10}=(\overline {Cdc20} \wedge \overline {Cdh1})\)