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Table 1 The numerical values of different parameters of bistable molecular loop.

From: Regulation of cytoplasmic polyadenylation can generate a bistable switch

Parameter Description Value/Range
λ 1 CaMKII degradation rate (In-active state) [0.0001 (sec-1)] 0.001-0.00002(sec-1)
λ 2 CaMKII degradation rate (Active, phosphorylated) [0.0001 (sec-1)] 0.001-0.00002(sec-1)
k 1 Association rate constant (Ca+2)4-CaM/CaMKII binding 0.0011 (μM- 1sec-1)
k2 Dissociation rate constant CaCaM.CaMKII 14 (sec-1)
k 1 Association rate constant CaMKIIAP/CaMKIIAP binding 0.085; (μM-1 sec- )
k 2 Dissociation rate constant CaMKIIAP.CaMKIIAP 0.143 (sec-1)
k 3 Rate constant for Phosphorylation 500 (sec-1)
k 4 Rate constant for CaMKIIAP dephosphorylation 0.0012 (sec-1)
k 5 Association rate constant CaMKIIAP/CPEB1 binding 0.0072;(μM-1sec-1)
k55 Dissociation rate constant CaMKIIAP .CPEB1 20(sec-1)
k 6 Rate constant for CPEB1 Phosphorylation 0.962(sec-1)
k10 Association rate constant (Ca+2)4-CaM/CaMKII binding 0.001 (μM 1sec-1)
k1010 Dissociation rate constant CaCaM.CaMKII 0.8 (sec-1)
k 7 Rate constant for CPEB1 dephosphorylation 0.012(sec-1)
k 8 Association rate constant PCPEB/E binding 0.08(μM- 1sec-1)
k88 Dissociation rate constant PCPEB1.E 10(sec-1)
k 9 Synthesis Rate of New CaMKII molecule through polyadenylation 0.08(sec-1)
Xbasal Basal concentration of CaMKII 0.0001 μM